Dr. Daren King - Brooklyn Orthodontist

Our Office

Our offices are conveniently located on 131 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn 11217 and 1302 Carroll St., Brooklyn 11213 and is accessible via all major roads.

We utilize the best equipment sterilization techniques available to orthodontists. In addition to a range of braces to suit any patient’s needs, including invisible ceramic braces and Invisalign, we also specialize in orthodontic appliances, such as retainers, and night guards for corrective jaw therapy. Our team emphasizes comprehensive quality care and progressive orthodontic treatments.

Why Choose Us

Insurance & Payment Information

  1. Dr. King is not a “Network Provider.” Should you have dental insurance and it is part of a “Network Plan,” (a plan where you must use one of the Doctors within the Network), the insurance company will not pay for orthodontic treatment performed by our office.
  2. If your Dental Plan allows you to go to any Dentist of your choice and they provide an Orthodontic benefit, most likely you will be able to recover that benefit for the services performed by this office, provided that you have obtained pre-approval.
  3. Should you have Dental Insurance that pays out-of-network, please note that Orthodontic Treatment must be pre-approved prior to the on-set of treatment. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide us with at least two completed, signed and undated insurance forms before the Orthodontic Treatment begins. Having these forms will enable us to have the benefit verified and the treatment pre-approved in writing. Some insurance companies will not pay if the pre-approval has not been obtained. We need the forms one month, or more, in advance. This cannot be done before the Records Appointment. The records fee is not included in the cost of the braces.
  4. If you are unsure as to whether or not your insurance company covers Orthodontic Treatment, you can call your plan “Member Services” Department or your plan “Administrator” and inquire. Should you need insurance forms, you can ask your insurance company to mail forms to you at your home. Our office does not provide insurance forms. If your, address or Insurance information changes at anytime during treatment it is important that the office is informed.
  5. Our office does not accept direct payment from insurance companies. If you have orthodontic coverage, your insurance company will reimburse you or the member as the services are rendered.
  6. Our office will provide a “Payment Plan,” if needed. The Payment Plan usually extends throughout the duration of the treatment period of approximately 18-24 months for full orthodontic treatment.
  7. Should you have a “Flex Spending Account,” you will need to speak with the Manager, Leonora Marshall. You may need a different receipt for your Flex Spending account.