Dr. Daren King - Brooklyn Orthodontist

Your First Visit

On your first visit with me I would like to get to know you and your children and I will listen very carefully. My goal is to understand your concerns are and present to you what is possible in meeting your need’s, so you can make the best choices for yourself or your family. Your initial appointment is thorough. All choices of care will be explained. Please assist us by providing the following information prior to or at the time of your first visit:

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern or if you are on any medication.

Appointments Required for Orthodontic Treatment

Not every patient will need or be ready for full braces on the 4th appointment. Some patients, especially children, may need a minor appliance, such as a “Bite-Plate” or a “Trans-Palatial Expander,” prior to braces. Some patients, especially children may not require full or even partial braces. Whatever treatment is appropriate for the patient the Doctor will determine by the 2nd or 3rd appointments.

Orthodontic treatment usually requires that the patient come into the office once per month for follow-up visits. These appointments should be made a month in advance and usually take approximately 10 minutes. At the time of this appointment the monthly payment is expected. Should the patient be unable to keep their appointment it is expected that they call a day in advance, if possible, to cancel and/or reschedule the appointment. We book appointments one month in advance. Therefore, if you must re-schedule your appointment, it may be a month or more to that re-scheduled appointment. However, when the schedule permits, please be assured that we will make all efforts to get the patient in for the next earliest available appointment.

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